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Eternal love♥

Welcome to Eternal Love, a free-content wiki I installed just because I can. In 2006, James A. Calwell III saw it fit to purchase a small portion of webspace and register to it the domain. He has expressed interest in doing so since 2004, and when the finances finally became stable enough to support it, the site opened on October 6, 2006, with the domain becoming official three days later.

James is a troubled youth, to put it one way. Many believe he has no people skills, but who am I to judge? His ability to communicate with others is best demonstrated when he's outside his home; the further away from home he is, the more sociable he can be. It's a shame that all the good he does happens when nobody's looking. But I digress

So far there isn't anything in here except stuff about me. Sooner or later I should add objective stuff too.

What ya got?

Nothing much. So far the most complete articles are about my signatures. I also have a few profiles up about actual people. If you think you're all that, feel free to make amends. Not like I have anything better to do with all this space anyhow.

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