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Lacking anything witty to say, I might as well get down to business and list some sites with content related to shoot'em ups ('Shmups' has a niche feel to it and I cannot bring to use the term 'shooter' ever since Basic Instinct), and some other sites 'of interest'.

Shoot 'em up sites

First things first. Do check out Kurbar's Toybox. He actually worked on Art Design for Darius Gaiden (pic coming soon), and has some interesting insights on its bosses . Includes a sketch of Great Thing Mark Two! Oh wait...it's in Japanese.

This neat little Japanese site is a concise Darius reference boss-wise. You get to see all of them and all the endings too. Fun!

Zach Keene has an excellent G-Darius walkthrough/guide at his webpage over here

Well, well. Kurt Kalata has a very good, if critical, look at the Darius series over here. A must-check-out, with nice cover scans and MP3s.

Go figure. Even Wikipedia has an entry on Darius!

Behold:A Tribute to Darius. Is there anything more to say?

A recent find (not by me): some nice models of Great Thing, Electric Fan and Iron Hammer.

Here's an interesting Darius fan art page, where one has not boss art but bizzare boss-underage-girl-hybrid art. Weird indeed, but some interesting stuff. The web site also includes other shoot'em up artwork in the same vein (and a Silver Hawk!).

Shmups Mk.2, a pathologically detailed and meticulous database of shoot'em ups. Also has some of the most detailed and hilarious reviews I have ever read to date.

Shmup.com. Hourra! Vive les shmuppeurs francais!

Shoot the Core, Roger Post's shoot'em up resource. Fan art, joke art, lots of links, and, best of all, links to lots of homebrew shoot 'em ups

Destroy All Monsters!- A sadly-defunct web site devoted to (largely) shoot'em up bosses and then some. A chief source of inspiration.

Sites of related interest

Ah, Taito, we love you. Especially me. Find some more information on the 'Dariusgate' cellphone game here! They also have nice collection of their arcade flyers...

Here's a neat little site on Zuntata, Taito's in-house band who've composed a good deal of nifty music for the Darius games.

The Flying Omelette's Kitchen, nice general video game site with a retro slant.

Hardcore Gaming 101, run by Kurt Kalata, the guy who runs the CastleVania Dungeon amongst other game shrines, is an excellent site with several shrines to games and game series. I endorse his mission statement wholeheartedly, which is probably the first time I've ever endorsed one. The old review site is still up there, too.

The Organization for the Preservation of Classical Forms of Gaming. Now there's an organization that deserves support.

Other sites of (non-gaming) interest The Patek research group at UC Berkeley studies (among other things) how mantis shrimp break open shells. They got movies too.

FishBase, a bloody huge database on - well - fish. Good for playing spot-the-fish. After all I do biophysics and not zoology.

This is the link to the home page of a friend and former room-mate, who offered me sypmathy and his laptop when both were needed.

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