The Darius series began in 1986 with Taito's arcade shoot 'em up of the same name. Apart from being first played on the arcade on a monster three-screen game field and having branching stage (and hence multiple endings), this one and all the games that followed involved a ship called the Silver Hawk piloted by either Proco or Tiat to fend off swarms of enemy spacecraft, typically from the bad guys from Belser (though in the last Darius game, G-Darius, the enemy is apparently called Thiima (?) ). What made them stand apart from bosses which were often militaristic, futuristic, or Gigeresque, was that they often resembled marine life, both living and extinct, with quaint but often appropriate names. For example, a giant manta ray was baptised Death Wings, and a family of seahorse bosses were all called (something) Coronatus - it so happens that most of them resemble Hippocampus coronatus, the crowned seahorse. Some were just silly, like Mudy Crystal or Absolute Defender. These bosses grew in every way (from attack pattern and size to their entrance) as the series developed and are unique enough to warrant some documentation or so.

Here is a more or less complete list of the games in the Darius series and some of the consoles they were ported to. Strictly speaking, there are only six original games, but the arcade ports have added stuff to them or, in the case of Darius Alpha, provide a different (but much-appreciated)experience from the games. Their playability varies quite a bit, which is why I have put up this somewhat incoherent disclaimer in case you want to hunt them all down.

Each of the following pages contains some information on the game, and some details on the story (OK, what there is of it), stage layout and gameplay. They are of varying length and quality based on my knowledge of them and my preferences. [UPDATE]:Now, thanks to my benefactor Brian/Undamned , you also have a lot of pictures of game box art, soundtracks, arcade boards etc. for your delectation! I really cannot be grateful enough for his contribution!!

Year Game Platform
1986 Darius Arcade
1989 Darius II/Sagaia Arcade, Saturn (1996)
1989 Darius+ (described as the 'poor man's R-Type' once) Various home PCs
1990 Darius Plus PC-Engine
1990 Super Darius PC-Engine CD
1990 Darius Alpha PC-Engine
1991 Sagaia Sega MegaDrive/Genesis
1991 Sagaia Nintendo Game Boy
1991 Darius Twin Super NES
1992 Sagaia Sega Master System
1993 Super Darius II PC-Engine CD
1993 Darius Force/Super Nova Super NES
1994 Darius Gaiden Arcade, PC(1998), Sony PlayStation(1996), Sega Saturn(1996)
1995 Space Invaders 1995 - Attack of the Lunar Loonies/Akkanvader Arcade
1997 G-Darius Arcade, Sony PlayStation(1998), PC(2001)
2002 Darius R Game Boy Advance
2003 Dariusgate Cell-phones

Some information (in Finnish) is available on Dariusgate here. Scroll down a bit to see the screenshot. Some more screenshots can also be seen here (huge thanks to Ghegs for this info). More info on all of this will come when I find it.

While the Daris games haven't influenced any full-blown fan-made games, yet, a few doujin shoot'em ups do exist with Darius influences. Watch this space for more information...

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